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Mold Cleanup without Destruction is our specialty! New innovative methods most often allow us the ability to clean mold situations without tearing down the walls, which is why our treatment is the best way to clean away mold. Our process uses the natural, green solution to clean and remove mold stains, including black mold. UAC Mold cleanup serving 91360 Area, We uses new technology in mold stain removal and cleaning and is 100% effective.

No one really understands just how dangerous and disastrous mold really is until they experience its hazards first-hand. Do not let yourself become a victim of mold damage. It not only ruins your home, but it can also hurt you physically. Studies indicate mold is not only causing health issue for children or adults, but pets and people living and working around you. Modern construction techniques have "tightened the envelope" of housing construction not allowing the structure to breathe, thus moisture doesn't evaporate as readily. We will not only inspect your property, but we will also mitigate the mold if it is present.

Contact us today for an evaluation of your mold issue in Thousand Oaks Area, and let us help you restore comfort, health and confidence to your surroundings. We are confident we will earn your trust and deliver you the most knowledgeable service in the industry. Our inspectors are certified by the Professional Mold Inspector Institute in inspections and remediation for both residential and commercial properties.

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